AROS/EUOC Weekend 18th-19th April 2020

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Legends & Lengendesses, can we please grab your attention for a HUGE news release…

As you may or may not be aware, a new AROS committee has been formed and with it, a burning desire to revolutionise the long-lasting ties between AROS & EUOC, so sadly lost in the sands of time. An inaugural event will be hatched, months of meticulous planning has led to the creation of the one and only, hive-friendly, alc-o crazy, Ball amazingy AROS/EUOC WEEKEND!

We would like to invite you all to Edinburgh on the weekend of the 18/19th April (week after the JK), to pull on your tight and bright and your black and white to roll back the years with the legends and legendesses of new and old, to share your common love in the club which made your University years oh so memorable. 

The preliminary schedule will consist of:


  1. Alc-O on Whinny Hill planned by a mystery orienteering legend (there is also an ESOC event in the Pentlands on Saturday if Alc-O doesn’t take your fancy)
  2. A black-tie Ball entailing of a ceilidh, fun and games, speeches and presentations (and a potential trip to your ex-favourite night club for those who wish to relive their youth…)


  1. A hangover from hell
  2. A social Pentlands run with pub grub at the end (TBC)
  3. A very sad farewell (until next year)

Note this is just the preliminary schedule and we would love to take input from anyone who would like to share their ideas with us! 

To help us coordinate the weekend we would be very grateful if you could carry out the following actions:

  • Most important: let us know of your interest in the weekend ASAP so we can get quotes for a venue on Saturday by emailing AROSsecretary(at)
  • Spread the word to all your AROS pals, it would be great to see as many faces as possible both young and old
  • Any requests will be taken on board to make this as nostalgic as possible, fire ahead what you want from the weekend

Thank you for reading this far and we hope you are as excited as we are. If all goes to plan we would love to make this an annual event! AROS LIVES ON!

Lots of love,

AROS Committee (Will, Ali, Madara & Fay)