EUOC hosted the annual Alumni weekend in 2012. Here’s the info from Alumni Officer, Alasdair McLeod:

Calling all ex members of Edinburgh University Orienteering Club on the 10th-11th of March the 2nd annual EUOC Alumni Weekend will be taking place and it would be great to see a good turn out.
Last year saw the beginning of a tradition with the first Alumni Weekend. There was a good turnout of past EUOC members and the weekend was enjoyed by all.
For the alumni that didnt manage to make it here is a brief explaination of last years weekend.
On saturday there was a inter degree diciplin race around Kings Buildings with each person being placed in a team depending on their past or current degree. These teams then battled it out over the tarmac collaseum of Kings buildings to prove once and for all whos degree was the best!
Later that evening there was a meal for all the atendees in a local resturaunt where old members could meet old friends, reminiss about their time in Edinbrugh and get to know the current club members.
The following day the weekend concluded with a long run around edinburgh linking the green areas of the city which are mapped. The runners had to complete and orienteering course consisting of multiple maps of different orienteering areas throughout edinburgh while using the street map of edinburgh to get betwwen these areas.
So there you go, that was the fun that you missed out on last year. This year is going to take a similar formatt so if your interested why not come along.


  • Saturday – Inter degree orienteering covering blackford hill and kings buildings
  • Saturday Night – Meal at a central edinburgh resturaunt
  • Sunday – Long orienteering run around and between the cities orienteering areas