2015 Update

As any viewers will realise, we aren’t yet making full use of this website – our more current site is on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/77454173659/) however we do look to be increasing use of this site in the near future. If there are any other questions please email arossecretary”at”hotmail.co.uk

An update from the last 12 months:

Current committee are: Ed Nicholas (Chairman), Lucy Fryer (Secretary), Kirsten Strain (Treasurer). Posts of Events Co-ordinator and Webmaster are currently unfilled although we are very grateful for Andrew Brown keeping the mailing list and website running in the background. Paid members this year has totalled 11 although we have many more on the mailing list.

The AGM will be held as part of the WOC/Highland 2015 on Tuesday 4th August in Inverness.

The club finally has a working bank account and this has enabled much smoother and clearer running of the club this year. We are now looking at tightening up other aspects of the club as everything is coming together.

EUOC hosted a very successful 50th Anniversary which a large number of AROS attended – it was a fantastic evening with the chances for different eras of legends to mix and meet each other. We look forward to strengthening these links in the future.

We now have a stock of lovely AROS t-shirts – they are performance tshirts made of 100% polyester. Similar in style to the old EUOC blue tshirts (which are no longer in production) – please get in touch with Kirsten if you would liketo own one for the excellent price of just £10.

And finally, we are pleased to see that one of our particularly supportive members, Jess Tullie (nee Halliday, previously held captain, vice captain and other positions in EUOC) will be running in the World Orienteering Championships 2015 this year. Best of luck to her and the other 8 EUOC alumni (over half the British team!) who are competing in WOC this year.

*Happy Birthday to AROS* as we celebrate our 5th birthday this year. Committee members are massively busy with jobs and all their other commitments (orienteering and otherwise) so it has been a slow process in getting the club going but at this 5 year mark it is looking much stronger. So we are very much looking forward to the next 5 years.